Elements Body Trial Sleeve

The Trial sleeve has been designed to be used in the assessment process for Elements Body MTM upper limb garments. It enables the clinician to evaluate the users response to the application of a dynamic textile garment in preparation for a made to measure upper limb garment. The Trial sleeve is only to be used for an assessment period of 2-4 weeks to assist the clinician in identifying the clinical effectiveness and tolerance prior to the provision of an Elements Body MTM Garment.


Measure 1: Circumference wrist cm
Measure 2: Circumference elbow cm
Measure 3: Circumference biceps cm

Item No. Model Size Measure 1 Measure 2 Measure 3
393440008 EB Trial Sleeve XXX-Small 11-12 cm 16-18 cm 16-18 cm
393440009 EB Trial Sleeve XX-Small 12-13 cm 18-20 cm 18-20 cm
393440010 EB Trial Sleeve X-Small 13-14 cm 20-22,5 cm 20-22 cm
393440011 EB Trial Sleeve Small 14-15 cm 22.5-25 cm 21-23 cm
393440012 EB Trial Sleeve Medium 14-16 cm 24-27 cm 22-25 cm
393440013 EB Trial Sleeve Large 16-18 cm 27-30 cm 25-28 cm
393440014 EB Trial Sleeve X-Large 18-20 cm 30-33 cm 28-31 cm
393440015 EB Trial Sleeve XX-Large 20-22 cm 33-37 cm 31-34 cm