Elements Body - Suit

Elements Body is an orthosis made of lycra fabric, composed of various panels. It is designed to give constant proprioceptive feedback through pressure and resistance. The function of Elements Body is to improve posture and stability. This is achieved by providing increased pressure to the body through a snug custom fit. By increasing the deep sensibility, proprioceptive feedback is increased. The proprioceptive feedback may also improve the patient's fine motor skills and functional performance. Various reinforcements can be selected to optimise flexion, extension, pronation and supination positions.

Item No. Model
393100011 Elements Body - Suit Without Sleeves & Short Legs
393100013 Elements Body - Suit Without Sleeves & Long Legs
393110011 Elements Body - Suit With Sleeves & Short Legs
393110013 Elements Body - Suit With Short Sleeves & Long Legs
393120011 Elements Body - Suit With Long Sleeves & Short Legs
393120013 Elements Body - Suit With Long Sleeves & Long Legs
393500000 Extra Reinforcement Small
393510000 Extra Reinforcement Large
393600000 First Free of Charge Alteration
393610000 Small Alteration
393630000 Large Alteration