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Our orthopaedic solutions provide Support for Better Life for people with mobility challenges.

Allard AFO
The Allard AFO is a unique range of ankle orthoses that helps to improve gait patterns and increase walking capacity for individuals with foot drop
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We offer training and technical support to ensure that the unique features of our products are put to good use.
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S.O.T Restling Splint

SOT (Smart Orthotic Treatment) is a resting splint for the spastic and paretic hand, when the goal is to maintain or increase the mobility of the hand.

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ALFESS™ is a new innovative solution for foot drop. This device can also be called a Digital Foot Drop Orthosis, FES or Neurostimulator. 

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CROSS™ Semi-rigid knee orthosis

CROSS™ is a semi-rigid knee orthosis intended to be used when knee hyperextension 

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Training tips

Being diagnosed with a neurological disease can be challenging. Regular exercise based on individual conditions is an important part of rehabilitation and contributes to both physical and mental health.



Mona was 24 years old when she contracted TBE after a tick bite. As a result, she now lives with drop foot. Follow Mona's journey in our series Life with foot drop. 

Mona talks about her way back


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11 April 2024 Meet us at OTWorld in Leipzig!

This year we will be present at the OTWorld International Trade show and World Congress.

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4 October 2023 A new carbon footplate from Allard International!  

Camp Scandinavia has over 25 years of experience in carbon composite materials, and we are happy to introduce a new product to our range of ankle and foot orthoses

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Allard International and Allard USA will be exhibiting at ISPO 19TH WORLD CONGRESS 2023 IN MEXICO!

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