Vission Wrist Orthosis

A wrist orthosis in standard model, made of a durable resilient material with a soft and comfortable inside. The model is open and easy to put on and take off. It has a good anatomic fit inside the hand, over the back of the hand and around the structures of the thumbs. The orthosis gives a stabil support with a mouldable plastic stay on the volar side. It has an open adjustable thumb band. The model is 19 cm long.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Rheumatic disorders, soft tissue injuries, inflammations, work related strain or when rheumatic and/or degenerative changes are present.

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Item No.ModelColorSizeL/RMeasure
460291009With stay-XX-SmallLeft11 - 12 cm
460291010With stay-X-SmallLeft12 - 13 cm
460291011With stay-SmallLeft13 - 14 cm
460291012With stay-MediumLeft14 - 16 cm
460291013With stay-LargeLeft16 - 19 cm
460291014With stay-X-LargeLeft19 - 22 cm
460292009With stay-XX-SmallRight11 - 12 cm
460292010With stay-X-SmallRight12 - 13 cm
460292011With stay-SmallRight 13 - 14 cm
460292012With stay-MediumRight14 - 16 cm
460292013With stay-LargeRight16 - 19 cm
460292014With stay-X-LargeRight19 - 22 cm
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