Selection® Wrist Short Black

This wirst support is similar to Selection Wrist Soft, only shorter and without any spoon on the volar side. It have the same strapping features, adjustable thumb strap and made from the smooth and well appreciated Selection-material.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Supports and relieves the wrist after injuries, operations, casting, hypermobility, rheumatic problems, chronic pain, osteoarthritis, overloading. Can also be used in preventive purpose during heavy or repetitive movements.


Wrist circumference.


Please watch our instructional video on how to use this product on You Tube.  Go to and search Camp ScandinaviaThis model is 13 cm long on the volar side.

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Item No.ModelColorSizeL/RMeasure
352221010Selection ShortBlackX-SmallLeft< 11 cm
352221011Selection ShortBlackSmallLeft11 - 14 cm
352221012Selection ShortBlackMediumLeft14 - 17 cm
352221013Selection ShortBlackLargeLeft17 - 20 cm
352221014Selection ShortBlackX-LargeLeft20 - 23 cm
352222010Selection ShortBlackX-SmallRight< 11 cm
352222011Selection ShortBlackSmallRight11 - 14 cm
352222012Selection ShortBlackMediumRight14 - 17 cm
352222013Selection ShortBlackLargeRight17 - 20 cm
352222014Selection ShortBlackX-LargeRight20 - 23 cm
352120000Extra Wrist StrapBlackOne size--
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