SELECTION® Multiopen

SELECTION® Multiopen is a medium-stable wrist orthosis with dual locking function. It can be fully opened and then loosely closed with Velcro and tightened with lacing. The user can choose to open it completely each time the orthosis is donned or doffed, or when only the lacing function is used. It is low cut to follow the hand’s natural bend and the area around the thumb allows the thenar muscles to work freely. The two-piece drawstring in combination with the Velcro closure allows for the adjustment of the width for a wider forearm. As the lacing is on the ulnar side, the risk of misalignment of the thumb is reduced. There is also an adjustable thumb band on the volar side. Due to the construction of the material it is possible to slightly adjust the shape by trimming with scissors for optimal fit.
Made in the airy and comfortable SELECTION® material with all the functions that this entails. The orthosis is 22 cm long, 4 cm longer than a SELECTION® Soft 35204. It has a removable mouldable aluminium spoon on the volar side.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Aid recovery after radius fracture, soft tissue damage, inflammation, wear and tear, work-related overload, and in rheumatic or degenerative changes.


Not to be used for non-healed fractures.


Wrist circumference.

Item No. Size Measure
352091010 X-Small <11 cm
352091011 Small 11 - 14 cm
352091012 Medium 14 - 17 cm
352091013 Large 17 - 20 cm
352091014 X-Large 20 - 23 cm
352091015 XX-Large 23 - 26 cm
352092010 X-Small < 11 cm
352092011 Small 11 - 14 cm
352092012 Medium 14 - 17 cm
352092013 Large 17 - 20 cm
352092014 X-Large 20 - 23 cm
352092015 XX-Large 23 - 26 cm
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