Selection Open Wrist is a brace that is simple to put on and take off. It can be open totally flat. The integrated "wrap around" straps gives increased stability around the wrist. It have an adjustable thumb strap, and the shape is low cut in the palm area to allow for the bending zone. This model is also well cut around the thumb muscles to allow full movement of the thumb. It comes with a pre-sha-ped plastic spoon on the palmar side and a soft narrow plastic spoon on the dorsal side. It is intended to be used when the wrist needs off-loading in cases such as rheumatic desorders or after fracture healing.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Inflammations, work related strain or when rehumatic and/or degenerative change are present.


Non known.


Wrist circumference


Please watch our instructional video on how to use this product on You Tube.  Go to and search Camp ScandinaviaThis model is 18 cm long on the volar side. Extra volar spoon can be ordered with 10 pcs in a package.

Item No. Color Size L/R Measure
352071010 Black X-Small Left < 11 cm
352071011 Black Small Left 11 - 14 cm
352071012 Black Medium Left 14 - 17 cm
352071013 Black Large Left 17 - 20 cm
352071014 Black X-Large Left 20 - 23 cm
352072010 Black X-Small Right < 11 cm
352072011 Black Small Right 11 - 14 cm
352072012 Black Medium Right 14 - 17 cm
352072013 Black Large Right 17 - 20 cm
352072014 Black X-Large - 20 - 23 cm
SELECTION OpenWrist, Patient Instruction Play video
SELECTION OpenWrist, Patient Instruction