BASIC Wrist Open

This model is completely open flat which makes it very easy to put on and take off. The integrated "wrap around" straps gives increased stability around the wrist. This product is intended for instabillity in the wrist in combination inflammations, work overload, joint stress and rheumatic problems.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Post-traume, Rheumatic problems, instability and pain releif.


Wrist circumference


This model is 18 cm long on the volar side.

Item No. Color Size L/R Measure
274461010 Blue X-Small Left < 12 cm
274461011 Blue Small Left 11-14 cm
274461012 Blue Medium Left 14-17 cm
274461013 Blue Large Left 17-20 cm
274461014 Blue X-Large Left 20-23 cm
274462010 Blue X-Small Right < 12 cm
274462011 Blue Small Right 11-14 cm
274462012 Blue Medium Right 14-17 cm
274462013 Blue Large Right 17-20 cm
274462014 Blue X-Large Right 20-23 cm