CROSS™ Semi-Rigid Knee Orthosis for Hyperextension Control

CROSS™ is a semi-rigid knee orthosis intended to be used when knee hyperextension in the knee joint is present. CROSS is developed and designed to function together with an Allard AFO (Ankle-foot-orthosis). No straps or buckles that intervene with the composite orthosis. The cross on the back stabilizes knee hyperextension.

The unique design makes it easy to put on and take off using only one hand. The orthosis has an ultra-smooth low friction liner with no visible seams that prevents skin irritation. The soft inside helps the orthosis to glide easily over the foot and up over the knee. To prevent migration the orthosis has strategically placed silicone band.
The reinforcement in the upper wide cuff keeps the orthosis open so the foot and leg slide easily into the brace. This will help users with limited function to put on the orthosis with only one hand. The “donning aid” further assists users with limited balance to guide the orthosis over the foot and pull it up on the leg.
CROSS™ has adjustable ROM stops. Flexion: 45, 60, 75, 90 degrees and extension: 0, 10, 20, 30, 40 degrees.

Recommended Range Of Application

CROSS™ is intended for mild to moderate knee hyperextension due to neuromuscular diseases or other injuries. The brace can also be used together with Allard AFOs when knee hyperextension is present together with foot drop.


Measure 1: 15 cm below patella
Measure 2: Mid-patella
Measure 3: 15 cm above patella

Other documents

CROSS™ can be washed in 40°C. More information about how to use CROSS™ can be obtained on YouTube. Together with the product is also an extended fitting and user instruction, and graphic instructions for donning and doffing

Item No. Model Size Measure 1 Measure 2 Measure 3
287150011 CROSS™ Knee Orthosis Small 32-37 cm 32-37 cm 39-44 cm
287150012 CROSS™ Knee Orthosis Medium 36-41 cm 36-41 cm 43-48 cm
287150013 CROSS™ Knee Orthosis Large 40-45 cm 40-45 cm 47-52 cm
287150014 CROSS™ Knee Orthosis X-Large 44-49 cm 44-49 cm 51-57 cm
287160000 CROSS™ Donning aid One Size - - -
357100000 Flexion/Extension Stop - - - -
CROSS Knee Hyperextension Patient Instructions Play video
CROSS Knee Hyperextension Patient Instructions

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