Knee Minor is a tube version with stainless steel spiral stays on each side. It gives a mild support and good compression. Minor is adjustable on the front of the thigh and on the calf. It also has an anatomically shaped patella opening and silicon ”Stay-Up” on the inside to prevent migration.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Knee pain in weight bearing, minor injuries such as stree in ligaments or mild sprains.


Severe knee injuries such as ACL / PCL ruptures. Be vigilant for severe problems with swelling and / or poor circulation.


Measure 1: 15 cm below patella
Measure 2: Mid-patella
Measure 3: 15 cm above patella


Please watch our instructional video on how to use this product on You Tube.  Go to and search Camp Scandinavia

Item No. Color Size Measure 1 Measure 2 Measure 3
357000010 Black X-Small 28-31 cm 30-33 cm 34-39 cm
357000011 Black Small 31-34 cm 33-36 cm 39-43 cm
357000012 Black Medium 34-37 cm 36-39 cm 43-47 cm
357000013 Black Large 37-40 cm 39-42 cm 47-51 cm
357000014 Black X-Large 40-43 cm 42-46 cm 51-56 cm
357000015 Black XX-Large 43-47 cm 46-50 cm 56-60 cm
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