Vission Shoulder Orthosis IMMO

Vission shoulder immobilizer is intended to immobilize and contain the upper limb, elbow, forearm flexed at 90 or 130 degress as required. Especially suited to shoulder and pectoral girdle leasions.The product is reversible and can be used either on the left or on the eright shoulder as required. The product is intended for one person use.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Shoulder, arm, elbow and pectoral girdle trauma (fractures, dislocations and sprains). Shoulder and pectoral girdle surgery. Neurology: paralysis of brachial-plexus.


Non known.


Measure 1 = Chest circumference
Measure 2 = Length upper arm

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Item No.ModelSizeMeasure 1Measure 2
460220010Shoulder Orthisis IMMOX-Small68 - 78 cm< 30 cm
460220011Shoulder Orthisis IMMOSmall80 - 90 cm< 38 cm
460220012Shoulder Orthisis IMMOMedium90 - 100 cm< 38 cm
460220013Shoulder Orthisis IMMOLarge100 - 113 cm< 38 cm
460220014Shoulder Orthisis IMMOX-Large113 - 120 cm> 38 cm
460220015Shoulder Orthisis IMMOXX-Large120 - 140 cm> 38 cm
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