SELECTION® Open Wrist Children

Selection Open Wrist Children is a brace that is simple to put on and take off. It can be opened totally flat to make it easier to put on. The integrated "wrap around" straps gives increased stability around the wrist. It has two thumb straps. One around the thumb and another on the dorsal side of the hand. This keeps the thumb in a correct position so that it does not drop towards the palm of the hand. The orthosis is intended to immobilize the CMC joint and wrist in order to reduce pain, to guide the wrist into a neutral position and to support a wrist after trauma/post operatively if needed.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Rheumatoid Arthritis, CP.


Measure 1: Wrist circumference
Measure 2: Palm height

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Support Documents


Item No.ModelColorSizeL/RMeasure 1Measure 2
353061011ChildrenBlackSmallLeft11,5 - 14 cm7 - 8 cm
353061012ChildrenBlackMediumLeft12 - 15,5 cm8 - 9 cm
353061013ChildrenBlackLargeLeft14 - 16,5 cm8 - 9 cm
353062011ChildrenBlackSmallRight11,5 - 14 cm7 - 8 cm
353062012ChildrenBlackMediumRight12 - 15,5 cm8 - 9 cm
353062013ChildrenBlackLargeRight14 - 16,5 cm8 - 9 cm
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