Vission Multifinger Orthosis

For immobilizing the fingers following trauma or operation and preventing contractures of the finger joints. Can also be used in conservative finger therapy and the treatment of Depuytrens syndrom. Conditions requiring temporary finger immobilization. The splint can also be used in connection with the treatment of fractures on metacarpus III-V and its associated phalanges.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Immobilizing, Depuytrens syndrome and fractures.


Non known.


Wrist circumference.

Item No. Model Color Size L/R Measure
460211011 Vission Multifinger Black Small Left < 16 cm
460211012 Vission Multifinger Black Medium Left 16 - 19 cm
460211013 Vission Multifinger Black Large Left > 19 cm
460212011 Vission Multifinger Black Small Right < 16 cm
460212012 Vission Multifinger Black Medium Right 16 - 19 cm
460212013 Vission Multifinger Black Large Right > 19 cm