Carbon Footplate

The carbon footplate is intended to protect the MTP joints and the forefoot by limiting the ROM, distributing the pressure in the forefoot, and facilitating rollover. The footplate can also be used to gradually increase movement after immobilizing treatment with a post-op shoe or walker. It can improve balance after toe amputation, dig IV, and/or V.

The footplate should be covered by an insole or custom foot orthotic.

Recommended Range Of Application

Hallux rigidus, Hallux Limitus, stress fractures and other injuries or arthritis conditions in the forefoot/midfoot, forefoot trauma, sprained toe.

Item No. Size L/R Width Length Thickness
280351011 Small Left 77mm 235mm 1,8 mm
280351012 Medium Left 80mm 255mm 1,8 mm
280351013 Large Left 90mm 275mm 1,8 mm
280351014 X-Large Left 99mm 305mm 1,8 mm
280352011 Small Right 77mm 235mm 1,8 mm
280352012 Medium Right 80mm 255mm 1,8 mm
280352013 Large Right 90mm 275mm 1,8 mm
280352014 X-Large Right 99mm 305mm 1,8 mm