KiddieROCKER® Trial Brace

This product is permanently labelled ”Trial Brace”. It is only to be used for patient assessment, to determine the correct product and/or size to achieve optimum gait for the patient. We recommend the first assessment to be done in parallel bars.Includes SoftkIT - Applied!

Recommended Range Of Application:

This product is intended only for temporary use.

Item No. Model Size L/R Footplate Length Height
289081011 KiddieROCKER NFR Small Left 16 cm 22 cm
289081012 KiddieROCKER NFR Medium Left 18 cm 25,7 cm
289081013 KiddieROCKER NFR Large Left 20 cm 29,5 cm
289081014 KiddieROCKER NFR X-Large Left 21 cm 31,5 cm
289082011 KiddieROCKER NFR Small Right 16 cm 22 cm
289082012 KiddieROCKER NFR Medium Right 18 cm 25,7 cm
289082013 KiddieROCKER NFR Large Right 20 cm 29,5 cm
289082014 KiddieROCKER NFR X-Large Right 21 cm 31,5 cm