Navy™Xtra is a newly developed Back Support that offers extra stability with an individually fitted back plate of 3D-LITE™. The back plate of lightweight and treathable Low Temperature Thermoplastic Material is easily shaped to fit even the most difficult patients and removable plastic plates in the front contributes to a very stable support of the spine for patients with more severe conditions. The black textile is the same strong and ventilated elastic material used for our range of Navy™X products.

Recommended Range Of Application

Fractures, Post-op Spinal stabilization, Post-Op Disc Surgery, Degenerative Disc Diseases, Herniated Disc, Bulging Disc, Spondylolisthesis, Spondylolysis, Facet Syndrome, Spinal Stensosis.


Unstable spine conditions.

Other documents

This product should only be altered by a medical professional. The 3D-LITE™ back plate is heated with a Heatgun or Oven 80°C.

Item No. Size Pelvic Circumference Height Back Height Front
235630010 X-Small 75 - 85 cm 28 cm 16 cm
235630011 Small 85 - 95 cm 28 cm 16 cm
235630012 Medium 95 - 105 cm 31 cm 16 cm
235630013 Large 105 - 115 cm 31 cm 16 cm
235630014 X-Large 115 - 125 cm 31 cm 16 cm
235630015 XX-Large 125 - 135 cm 31 cm 16 cm
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