NAVY X™ High

This is an extra tall version of the Navy X that gives extra support. The front closure is divided in to two sections to increase adjustability and make donning and doffng easier. The support have build in semi-rigid stays and extra supportive straps. With two open pockets in the back it can be made even more rigid by inserting extra supportive stays. This model i aavailable only in dark blue.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Backpain, Back insufficiency

Item No. Color Size Pelvic Circumference Height Back Height Front
235520010 Blue X-Small 75-85 cm 31 cm 25 cm
235520011 Blue Small 85-95 cm 31 cm 25 cm
235520012 Blue Medium 95-105 cm 31 cm 25 cm
235520013 Blue Large 105-115 cm 31 cm 25 cm
235520014 Blue X-Large 115-125 cm 31 cm 25 cm
235520015 Blue XX-Large 125-135 cm 31 cm 25 cm
235530000 Aluminium Stays (2psc) 2 cm x 26 cm - - -