Jura shoulder immobiliser

The Jura Shoulder Immobiliser can be used as an arm sling or as a shoulder immobiliser and it is designed to be used on both left and right arms. The strong cotton sling with fully adjustable padded shoulder and body straps secures the arm close to the body. Extra padded removable strap around the neck for optimal comfort. The straps are secured through large D-rings which makes it easy to apply the sling with just one arm. Thumb strap for extra support.

Recommended Range Of Application

Can be used for an array of injuries and conditions where the restriction of shoulder and / or elbow movement is required such as:
• Dislocation.
• Strains and sprains.
• Pre and post operatively.
• Rehab stages.
• Other injuries.
• Brachial plexus or peripheral nerve


Do not apply the product in direct contact with broken skin.


Forearm length

Item No. Color Size Length
422230010 Black XS <33 cm
422230011 Black S 33cm-38cm
422230012 Black M 37cm-43cm
422230013 Black L 42cm-48cm
422230014 Black XL 48cm>

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