Study done on Allard AFO 2021

12 January 2022

”A Pilot Study to Assess the Immediate Effect of Dynamic Carbon Ground Reaction Ankle Foot Orthoses on Balance in Individuals with Charcot-Marie-Tooth in a Clinical Setting”.
Burke K. et al. Phys. Med. and Rehabil. Int. 2021; 8(3): 1183

Nine patients with CMT in a single subject experimental design study, were performing questionaire, balance tests with and without the use of an DCGR-AFO. The tests were done by an PT and an Orthotist in a clinic. The hypothesis was that it is possible to demonstrate immediate improvements in static and dynamic balance with a trail of DCGR AFOs in clinic, which may convince individuals to meet with an orthotist for a custom fitting of AFOs. 

The findings in ths study suggest that a gross assessment of Balance and gait with and without AFOs in clinic may be helpful for individuals with CMT. There was an immediate improvement in dynamic balance during ambulation with the use of DCGR-AFOs. Data on static balance did not reach significance, suggesting the need for further studies.

The trail of bliateral DCGR-AFOs in clinic may assist with creating buy-in from the patient to then be referred to an orthotist for custom fitting and to PT for focused gait traning.

Read the full study here.