Vission Wrist Orthosis with thumb

Soft and elastic wrist orthosis with a thumb section, made of durable resilient material with a soft and comfortable lining. The orthosis is intended to restrict movement in CMC and MCP 1 joints and to position the thumb in a functional position and to reduce flexion in the wrist. The volar side has a shaped plastic stay. The thumb part has an extra strap that further adjusts the thumb grip.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Mild to Moderate CMC and MCP1 instablity, ligament injuries, tendinitis, degenerative diseases, trauma.


Wrist circumference.

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Item No.ModelColorSizeL/RMeasure
460311009Wrist with thumbBlackXX-SmallLeft11 - 12 cm
460311010Wrist with thumbBlackX-SmallLeft12 - 13 cm
460311011Wrist with thumbBlackSmallLeft13 - 14 cm
460311012Wrist with thumbBlackMediumLeft14 - 16 cm
460311013Wrist with thumbBlackLargeLeft16 - 19 cm
460311014Wrist with thumbBlackX-LargeLeft19 - 22 cm
460312009Wrist with thumbBlackXX-SmallRight11 - 12 cm
460312010Wrist with thumbBlackX-SmallRight12 - 13 cm
460312011Wrist with thumbBlackSmallRight13 - 14 cm
460312012Wrist with thumbBlackMediumRight14 - 16 cm
460312013Wrist with thumbBlackLargeRight16 - 19 cm
460312014Wrist with thumbBlackX-LargeRight19 - 22 cm
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