BASIC Wrist Standard Short & Long

These product is intended for instabillity in the wrist in combination inflammations, work overload, joint stress and rheumatic problems. The longer version is also suitable for postfracture treatment.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Post-traume, Rheumatic problems, instability and pain releif.


Wrist circumference


BASIC Wrist Standard Short - This model is 18 cm long on the volar side.BASIC Wrist Standard Long - This model is 21 cm long on the volar side.

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Item No.ModelColorSizeL/RMeasure
274411010ShortBlueX-SmallLeft< 12 cm
274411011ShortBlueSmallLeft11-14 cm
274411012ShortBlueMediumLeft14-17 cm
274411013ShortBlueLargeLeft17-20 cm
274411014ShortBlueX-LargeLeft20-23 cm
274412010ShortBlueX-SmallRight< 12 cm
274412011ShortBlueSmallRight11-14 cm
274412012ShortBlueMediumRight14-17 cm
274412013ShortBlueLargeRight17-20 cm
274412014ShortBlueX-LargeRight20-23 cm
274451010LongBlueX-SmallLeft< 12 cm
274451011LongBlueSmallLeft11-14 cm
274451012LongBlueMediumLeft14-17 cm
274451013LongBlueLargeLeft17-20 cm
274451014LongBlueX-LargeLeft20-23 cm
274452010LongBlueX-SmallRight< 12 cm
274452011LongBlueSmallRight11-14 cm
274452012LongBlueMediumRight14-17 cm
274452013LongBlueLargeRight17-20 cm
274452014LongBlueX-LargeRight20-23 cm
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