Humerux Humerus Orthosis

This humerus orthosis is based on the well-known principles of a "Sarmiento orthosis", an even circular soft tissue compression. The three circular bands are tightened independently of each other. The orthosis' anchorage over the shoulder area means that it fits well in place without slipping down. The strap that goes under the opposite arm has a removable padding for increased comfort. This provides a comfortable orthosis that is easy to apply and easy for the patient to accept. The material of the orthosis allows the skin to breathe and reduces the risk of irritation. The orthosis has two thermoplastic plates that can be adjusted by heating if necessary and the shape can be adjusted with a scissor. This is not necessary in most cases. The orthosis provides free movement of the elbow joint. The textile materials are tested in accordance with ├ľko-tex standard 100 and do not contain latex.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Indicated for the treatment of diaphyseal humeral fractures, postoperative treatment of fractures and control of the instability of the fractures focus during the consolidation process.


Circumference arm proximal.

Item No. Color Size Length Circumference
621050011 Black Small 28 cm 18 - 26 cm
621050012 Black Medium 30 cm 26 - 34 cm
621050013 Black Large 32 cm 34 - 42 cm
621050014 Black X-Large 34 cm 42 - 50 cm
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Introducing Humerux
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