TENI Wrist (Bromsa)

Designed to help the patient learn to limit the stress that caused or may cause injury. The Teniwrist provides a gentle dorsal extension ”brake” to remind and train the patient to limit the amount they bend the wrist back to prevent excessive stress to tendons. At the same time, the wearer is able to continue normal hand function.Two stays are included to vary the degree of support. One stay - mind support. Two stays - stronger support.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Relief for the extensor muscles in connection with lateral epiconylities.


Wrist circumference.


This model is 15 cm long on the volar side.

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Item No.ColorSizeL/RMeasure
282401011BlueSmallLeft11-14 cm
282401012BlueMediumLeft14-17 cm
282401013BlueLargeLeft17-20 cm
282401014BlueX-LargeLeft20-23 cm
282402011BlueSmallRight11-14 cm
282402012BlueMediumRight14-17 cm
282402013BlueLargeRight17-20 cm
282402014BlueX-LargeRight20-23 cm
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