Vission Thumb Orthosis Long with Stay

Soft and elastic wrist orthosis in a long model. The orthosis has a removable plastic stay that gives support to the thumb and surrounding area as well as light support for the wrist. This thumb orthosis is intended to restrict movements in CMC and MCP 1 joints and to position the thumb in a functional position. It is made of a durable and resilient material with a soft and comfortable lining. Open adjustable thumb grip.

Recommended Range Of Application:

CMC and MCP 1 osteoartrosis or instability, Trigger Finger, Morbus De Quervain.


The model is 16 cm on the thumb side.

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Item No.ModelColorSizeL/RMeasure
460231009Long with stayBlackXX-SmallLeft11 - 12 cm
460231010Long with stayBlackX-SmallLeft12 - 13 cm
460231011Long with stayBlackSmallLeft13 - 14 cm
460231012Long with stayBlackMediumLeft14 - 16 cm
460231013Long with stayBlackLargeLeft16 - 19 cm
460231014Long with stayBlackX-LargeLeft19 - 22 cm
460232009Long with stayBlackXX-SmallRight11 - 12 cm
460232010Long with stayBlackX-SmallRight12 - 13 cm
460232011Long with stayBlackSmallRight13 - 14 cm
460232012Long with stayBlackMediumRight14 - 16 cm
460232013Long with stayBlackLargeRight16 - 19 cm
460232014Long with stayBlackX-LargeRight19 - 22 cm
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