The functional benefits of prefabricated carbon composite AFOs have been well documented. The improved patient outcomes and time and cost savings for practitioners, when compared to custom fabrication of plastic AFOs, have led these devices to be more and more the AFO of choice. However, for optimum performance, patient compliance, and product integrity, even though "prefabricated", they require comprehensive patient assessment and customization to meet the individual patient needs. Although this course is specific to Allard AFOs, the learning outcomes apply to all AFOs.

After taking this course, the practitioner will know:

  • How to do a comprehensive gait assessment, including but not limited to open and closed chain, to analyse all deficits and determine the stability needs of the orthotic intervention.
  • How to perform the eight steps for a successful fitting:
  1. Product Selection
  2. Size Selection
  3. Foot Management
  4. Shoe Considerations
  5. Proper Alignment
  6. Proximal Control
  7. Patient Comfort
  8. Patient Education


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