X-LITE® Classic is the strongest material in the range. The material does not contain any form of isocyanates or fiberglass. With its open structure, it is the airiest in the X-LITE family. The rolls have a plastic separator you remove during the working process.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Cylidrical casts.

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Item No.ColorWidthLengthPackage
641030002White50 mm1,8 m20 rolls
641040000Blue50 mm1,8 m20 rolls
641330003White75 mm1,8 m20 rolls
641340000Blue75 mm1,8 m20 rolls
641360000Anthracite75 mm1,8 m5 rolls
641370000Royal Blue75 mm1,8 m5 rolls
641430004White100 mm1,8 m10 rolls
641440004Blue100 mm1,8 m10 rolls
641460000Anthracite100 mm1,8 m5 rolls
641470000Royal Blue100 mm1,8 m5 rolls
641530005White125 mm1,8 m10 rolls
641540005Blue125 mm1,8 m10 rolls
641630006White150 mm1,8 m10 rolls
641640006Blue150 mm1,8 m10 rolls
641680000Anthracite150 mm1,8 m2 rolls
641690000Royal Blue150 mm1,8 m2 rolls
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