GRIPA Wrist Support

”Tuff-Grip” rubber covers the palm of the Gripa Glove, adding gripping assistance and reducing gripping stresses to the hand and forearm muscles. Wide elastic wrist support strap is an integral part of the support and is uniquely angled to wrap at the base of the palm, helping to inhibit unfavourable positioning of the wrist.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Relief for the palm and wrist, preventive, for example installation works.


Wrist circumference

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Support Documents


Item No.ColorSizeL/RMeasure
282101011BlueSmallLeft11-14 cm
282101012BlueMediumLeft14-17 cm
282101013BlueLargeLeft17-20 cm
282101014BlueX-LargeLeft20-23 cm
282102011BlueSmallRight11-14 cm
282102012BlueMediumRight14-17 cm
282102013BlueLargeRight17-20 cm
282102014BlueX-LargeRight20-23 cm
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