Rest easy - Wrist support with shaped splint provides comfortable stability. Easy to put on with a circular strap around the wrist for good stability.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Mild and temporary discomfort such as pain, inflammation and repetitive strain injuries.


Severe edema, severe swelling.This model is 17 cm long on the volar side.


Wrist circumference

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Item No.ColorSizeL/RMeasure
341031011Beige/BlackSmallLeft11 - 14 cm
341031012Beige/BlackMediumLeft14 - 17 cm
341031013Beige/BlackLargeLeft17 - 20 cm
341031014Beige/BlackX-LargeLeft20 - 23 cm
341032011Beige/BlackSmallRight11 - 14 cm
341032012Beige/BlackMediumRight14 - 17 cm
341032013Beige/BlackLargeRight17 - 20 cm
341032014Beige/BlackX-LargeRight20 - 23 cm
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