Cut-4-Custom TLSO+

Cut-4-Custom is a corset in 3D-LITE™ material which consists of a pre-cut front and back section with pre-attached straps. It is easily molded directly on the patient for a custom fitted stable corset. The corset comes as a LSO and TLSO to ccommodate prescription and patient anatomy. Find the right size by measuring your patient and compare with the Sizing Chart. Choose a Front and a Back. For patients with a long torso or larger breast or belly choose the Front+ and Back+. These have extra material in the height and also thicker material for increased strength.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Post-operatively, compression fractures and immobilization of the spine.


Size is determined by waist circumference. While dimension slightly tightened. Measure also intended height front and back as directed. Choose size from the table.

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Item No.ModelSizeThicknessHeightCircumference
649240010TLSO+ FrontS / M5 mm47 cm70 - 90 cm
649240012TLSO+ FrontM / L7 mm55 cm85 - 110 cm
649240013TLSO+ FrontL / XL7 mm55 cm105 - 135 cm
649240014TLSO+ FrontXL / XXL7 mm60 cm105 - 135 cm
649250010TLSO+ BackS / M5 mm47 cm70 - 90 cm
649250012TLSO+ BackM / L7 mm55 cm85 - 110 cm
649250013TLSO+ BackL / XL7 mm55 cm105 - 135 cm
649250014TLSO+ BackXL / XXL7 mm60 cm105 - 135 cm
649340010TLSO+ Liner FrontS / M---
649340012TLSO+ Liner FrontM / L---
649340014TLSO+ Liner FrontXL / XXL---
649350010TLSO+ Liner BackS / M---
649350012TLSO+ Liner BackM / L---
649350014TLSO+ Liner BackXL / XXL---
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