Strava Splint Bath

Strava splint baths are the first on the market to introduce UV sterilization and a high heat Sanitation mode. This dual cleaning system ensures the water is 99.99% free of microbes. Instead of traditional metal splint baths Strava is made from a Thermoset Composite material that is known for its durability, insulation, flammability resistance and aesthetic appeal. Water evacuation becomes easy and fast with a pump system that empties the bath in a few minutes. A uniform heat distribution keeps the set temperature and heats the water fast to set temperature saving the clinician time.
The full-color touch screen allows the user to browse and select preloaded thermoplastic settings or create their own favorite settings for fast and precise heating of material. Auto off/on settings and lots of other new functions.

Protect your new Splint bath with a reusable liner preventing materials from sticking to the bottom.

Item No. Model Size Width Length Height
645070022 Splint Bath Standard External: 51,6 cm - Tub: 31,6 cm External: 59 cm - Tub: 48,6 cm External: 22,6 cm - Tub: 14,7 cm
645080000 Drainage Hose - - - -
645090000 Heating element - - - -
645100000 EU elkabel - - - -
645110000 Adapter DK - - - -
645120000 UV lamp - - - -
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Strava Instruction