X-LITE® Premium Sheets and Dispenser

X-LITE® Premium is the most conformable material. With its thinner structure, the material is hardly as stable as the other two alternatives, on the other hand, it can be perfectly shaped over smaller contours and is well suited for bandages for the upper extremity and children. X-LITE® Premium is a non-toxic environmental plaster and like the rest of our materials it does not contain any form of isocyanates or fiberglass. X-LITE® Premium comes in predetermined sheets or in a practical dispenser box containing 10 meters allowing you to cut the desired length and at the same time save space in relation to storage.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Plaster splints and casts, orthoses, and removable splints. Add an extra layer for increased stability.

Item No. Color Width Length Unit/Pack Sheet/Dispenser
642150003 Beige 75 mm 375 mm 10 Sheets
642170004 Beige 100 mm 375 mm 10 Sheets
642190006 Beige 150 mm 375 mm 10 Sheets
642200008 Beige 200 mm 375 mm 10 Sheets
642260000 Beige 100 mm 10 m 1 Dispenser
642270000 Beige 150 mm 10 m 1 Dispenser
642280000 Beige 200 mm 10 m 1 Dispenser
X-LITE® Introduction Play video
X-LITE® Introduction
X-LITE® Dorsal Wrist Splint Play video
X-LITE® Dorsal Wrist Splint
X-LITE® Full Arm Splint Play video
X-LITE® Full Arm Splint
X-LITE® Short Arm Cast Play video
X-LITE® Short Arm Cast