Stockinette Padding

X-LITE® Stockinette Padding is a water resistant stockinette and padding in one product, which effectively protects the skin while wearing a splint or a cast. The patient can shower or go for a swim without worries due to the bandage staying wet for a longer period*. The tubular knitted stockinette is made from polyester yarn with added Aerosilver fibers. They have an antibacterial function that reduces growth of odor causing germs, which usually occurs wearing a cast.


*Always consult attending physician before allowing the patient to swim with the cast
and continuously evaluate the skin condition.

Item No. Color Width Length Package
644440000 White 5 cm 10 m 1 Dispenser
644450000 White 7,5 cm 10 m 1 Dispenser
644460000 White 10 cm 10 m 1 Dispenser