Knee Immobilizer

Knee Immobilizer for temporary immobilisation of the knee joint area. May also be used as support during training. It comes in two different lengths. The circumference can be adjusted by moving the panels forward or backwards. Panels are attached with Velcro. The dorsal stay can be shaped to accommodate the desired degree of fexion.

Recommended Range Of Application:

In the temporary immobilization of the knee joint and in simple standing training. Post-traumatic and post-operative condition.


Measure 1: Length
Measure 2: Circumference Thigh
Measure 3: Circumference Calf

Item No. Color Size Measure 1 Measure 2 Measure 3
475000011 Grey Small/Medium 51 cm 39-60 cm 30-45 cm
475000013 Grey Large/X-Large 60 cm 47-73 cm 34-47 cm