KiddieROCKER® gives young children an orthosis that will allow their little feet to move in a more fluid and natural biomechanical gait pattern. The extra rigidity will offer enhanced balance and posture control, especially for children with weak quadriceps muscles. KiddieROCKER® was developed for the paediatric population with more involved pathology than only footdrop.KiddieROCKER® is intended to support the foot/ankle complex in a more functional posture while allowing more normal ROM during the developmental years. It also gives increased stability in M/L and A/P compared to KiddieGAIT®.

Recommended Range Of Application:

KiddieROCKER® is designed to support footdrop, gait deviations secondary to proprioceptive deficit (either unstable or low-tone gait), toe-walking with no midfoot collapse, low tone crouch gait in conditions such as Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy and Myelomeningocele.


KiddieROCKER® should not be used when patients present with:Lacking ROM towards dorsiflexion (need at least 5o dorsiflexion past neutral). Very rigid foot structure, Quadriceps spasticity, Fixed postural Genu Valgum or Genu Varum, Fixed postural Pes Valgus or Pes Varus.

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Support Documents

Item No.ColorSizeL/RFootplate LengthHeight
289021011KiddieROCKER, BlueSmallLeft16 cm22 cm
289021012KiddieROCKER, BlueMediumLeft18 cm25,7 cm
289021013KiddieROCKER, BlueLargeLeft20 cm29,5 cm
289021014KiddieROCKER, BlueX-LargeLeft21 cm31,5 cm
289022011KiddieROCKER, BlueSmallRight16 cm22 cm
289022012KiddieROCKER, BlueMediumRight18 cm25,7 cm
289022013KiddieROCKER, BlueLargeRight20 cm29,5 cm
289022014KiddieROCKER, BlueX-LargeRight21 cm31,5 cm
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