KiddieGAIT® gives toddlers an orthosis that will allow their little feet to move in a more fluid and natural biomechanical gait pattern. It is made from Carbon composite with anterior shell, laterial strut, and an engineered footplate with open calcaneus.Designed to allow integration of your custom foot orthotic to help control ground-up-forces. Anterior shell to assist in management of proximal deficits by helping to manage either knee hyperextension or crouch gait.KiddieGAIT® is intended to support the foot/ankle complex in a more functional posture while allowing more normal ROM during the developmental years.

Recommended Range Of Application:

KiddieGAIT® and KiddieROCKER® are designed to support footdrop, gait deviations secondary to proprioceptive deficit (either unstable or low-tone gait), toe-walking with no midfoot collapse, low tone crouch gait in conditions such as Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy and Myelomeningocele.


KiddieGAIT® should not be used when patients present with:Lacking ROM towards dorsiflexion (need at least 5o dorsiflexion past neutral), Very rigid foot structure, Quadriceps spasticity, Fixed postural Genu Valgum or Genu Varum, Fixed postural Pes Valgus or Pes Varus.

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Support Documents

Item No.ModelSizeL/RFootplate LengthHeight
289001011KiddieGAITSmallLeft160 mm220 mm
289001012KiddieGAITMediumLeft180 mm257 mm
289001013KiddieGAITLargeLeft200 mm295 mm
289001014KiddieGAITX-LargeLeft210 mm315 mm
289002011KiddieGAITSmallRight160 mm220 mm
289002012KiddieGAITMediumRight180 mm257 mm
289002013KiddieGAITLargeRight200 mm295 mm
289002014KiddieGAITX-LargeRight210 mm315 mm
283680011Strap SetSmall---
283680012Strap SetMedium---
283680013Strap SetLarge, X-Large---
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