ToeOFF® Combo

Dynamic Low Profle, Lightweight, Functional Orthotic Solution... for the management of genu recurvatum or chronic knee instability, accompanied with footdrop.Low profle and lightweight – a KAFO your patients will wear!Uprights easily shaped and adjusted to optimum height for patientModular components allow you to accommodate variances in thigh and calf circumferenceEasy to don and doffEasily removed when wearer is relaxing (watching TV, etc.)

Recommended Range Of Application:

Knäledsinstabilitet, översträckning i kombination med droppfot med ursprung från stroke, post-polio, MS, neuropati etc. Knee instability, knee hyperextension in combination with a foot drop from stroke, post-polio, MS, etc.


Weight Limit - 150 kg, Height Limit - 2 m, Use of COMBO with any product other than ToeOFF® or BlueROCKER® is prohibited.


Kneemeasure 1: M-L mid-patella Kneemeasure 2: Circumference 20 cm above the mid-patella Kneemeasure 3: M-L 20 cm above the mid-patella

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Item No.ModelSizeL/RKnee Measure 2Knee Measure 3Knee Measure 1
287800000Joints with uprightsOne size----
287811011Tigh cuffSmallLeft30-40 cm11-15 cm-
287811012Tigh cuffMediumLeft38-50 cm13-17 cm-
287811013Tigh cuffLargeLeft48-60 cm15-19 cm-
287811014Tigh cuffX-LargeLeft58-70 cm17-21 cm-
287812011Tigh cuffSmallRight30-40 cm11-15 cm-
287812012Tigh cuffMediumRight38-50 cm13-17 cm-
287812013Tigh cuffLargeRight48-60 cm15-19 cm-
287812014Tigh cuffX-LargeRight58-70 cm17-21 cm-
28789Thigh Cuff Startkit Small-X-LargeL/R---
287820011Knee control component w/popliteal interfaceSmallBilateral--7-10,5 cm
287820012Knee control component w/popliteal interfaceMediumBilateral--9,5-13 cm
287820013Knee control component w/popliteal interfaceLargeBilateral--12,5-16 cm
287830011Tigh cuff softKIT (2 pc.)Small----
287830012Tigh cuff softKIT (2 pc.)Medium----
287830013Tigh cuff softKIT (2 pc.)Large----
287830014Tigh cuff softKIT ( 2pc.)X-Large----
287840011Tibia connectorSmall----
287840012Tibia connectorMedium----
287840013Tibia connectorLarge/X-Large----
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