Elements Body is an orthosis made of Lycra fabric, it is designed to give constant and consistent proprioceptive feedback through a combination of pressure and resistance. The function of our Elements Body Lycra garments is to improve posture and stability. This is achieved by providing increased pressure to the body through a snug custom fit. By increasing the deep sensibility, proprioceptive feedback is increased. The proprioceptive feedback may also improve the patient's fine motor skills and functional performance. Various reinforcements can be selected to optimise stability, movement and function.

This Elements Body Level 1 training presentation will take you through Allard Support UK and its history with Lycra garments, you will also increase your knowledge and awareness of the assessment and clinical application of the Elements Body Orthosis.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Function of Lycra garments
  • Information regarding the fabrics used in Elements Body range
  • Information regarding design options for Elements Body range
  • Diagnosis and clinical application of Elements Body
  • Current supportive evidence available

The course will take approximately 40 minutes to compete including completion of the certified quiz. If you achieve 80% or more on the quiz you will be awarded a Level 1 Elements Body certificate which we will email electronically to you for your CPD record. This confirms you have completed the course and that you have been trained in the assessment and decision making for the provision of our garments. On achieving Level 1 you can then request the Level 2 Elements Body Measure Training.


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