Anna Beck & Emelie Endre

Anna Beck

From childhood I’ve always loved different kinds of sports.
I have memories from when I was very young, wanting to participate and do my best to perform. I often ended up falling, tripping and hurting my feet as a result when I didn’t focus on where they were, but I always brushed it off and kept going. I always thought I was just clumsy…

One of my biggest dreams is to represent Sweden in the Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2020. With a lot of hard work and my Allard AFOs, I hope to achieve my dream!

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Emelie Endre

My name is Emelie Endre.  I was born 10 weeks premature on 6 June 1997.  As a result of a lack of oxygen during my birth I suffered a bilateral spastic CP injury.  My injury affects mainly my legs, which means that I have reduced strength, balance and coordination. In addition, my fine motor skills have also been influenced to some extent.

 Table tennis means a lot to me. I also hope to inspire people with disabilities to dare to test sports and find their passion.

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