Cut-4-Custom LSO

When you need a custom LSO or TLSO NOW!3D-Lite is an open weave polyester material, impregnated with a non-toxic resin to form an innovative low temperature thermoplastic. Front and Back Cut-4-Custom sections have straps preattached. Both sections are ready to be heated and custom molded to patient. 4 heights to accommodate prescription and patient anatomy. Backs and Fronts sold separately and interchangeable. Optional washable covers add attractive appearance and provide soft interface between brace and skin.3D-Lite Becomes soft - ready to mold to patient contours in less than 10 minutes. Solidifed & Finished LSO or TLSO in approximately 20 minutes. Heat moldable at 160oF/70oC and may be re-heated, fattened, and reformed!3D-Lite stretches in only one direction, is rigidity in all directions, aerated for breathability, lightweight, non-toxic, no reports of skin irritation and may be worn in the shower.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Post-operatively, compression fractures and immobilization of the spine.


Size is determined by waist circumference. While dimension slightly tightened. Measure also intended height front and back as directed. Choose size from the table.

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Item No.ModelSizeThicknessHeightCircumference
649190011LSO FrontXS / S5 mm-60 - 75 cm
649190012LSO FrontS / M5 mm19,5 cm70 - 90 cm
649190013LSO FrontM / L7 mm-85 - 105 cm
649190014LSO FrontL / XL7 mm-95 - 120 cm
649190015LSO FrontXL / XXL7 mm-115 - 140 cm
649210011LSO BackXS / S5 mm-60 - 75 cm
649210012LSO BackS / M5 mm-70 - 90 cm
649210013LSO BackM / L7 mm-85 - 105 cm
649210014LSO BackL / XL7 mm-95 - 120 cm
649210015LSO BackXL / XXL7 mm-115 - 140 cm
649290011LSO Liner FrontXS / S---
649290012LSO Liner FrontS / M---
649290013LSO Liner FrontM / L---
649290014LSO Liner FrontL / XL---
649290015LSO Liner FrontXL / XXL---
649310011LSO Liner BackXS / S---
649310012LSO Liner BackS / M---
649310013LSO Liner BackM / L---
649310014LSO Liner BackL / XL---
649310015LSO Liner BackXL / XXL---
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