3D-LITE is an open weave polyester material impregnated with ther-moplastic. The open structure gives an airy and comfortable material for the user that is NON-Toxic and user friendly. 3D-LITE is woven three-dimentionally to provide: stretch in only one direction, rigidity in all directions, optimum draping and moldability, a smooth surface, less weight and breathability for patient comfort, no shrinkage3D-LITE comes in three different thicknesses, each one suitable for different applications: 3mm - Small joint and small anatomy. Excellent for rheumatoid patients.5mm - When more stability is needed, humeral fracture bracing, tibia fracture bracing, elbow splints, paediatric TLSOs.7mm - An extremely rigid material. Very suitable for adult TLSO’s and other applications where maximum rigidity is required.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Manufacturing of orthosis.3mm is recommended for small applications and small body parts.5mm is recommended for fracture bracing.7 mm is recommended for larger applications such as corsets.

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Support Documents

Item No.ModelWidthLengthThicknessPackage
6490300003-LITE Beige300 mm350 mm5 mm-
6490400003D-LITE Beige300 mm350 mm5 mm-
6489600003D-LITE Material, Beige600 mm600 mm3 mm1 sheet
6489700003D-LITE Material, Beige600 mm900 mm3 mm1 sheet
6489800003D-LITE Material, Beige600 mm600 mm5 mm1 sheet
6489900003D-LITE Material, Beige600 mm900 mm5 mm1 sheet
6490000003D-LITE Material, Beige600 mm600 mm7 mm1 sheet
6490100003D-LITE Material, Beige600 mm900 mm7 mm1 sheet
649360000Silicone Casing5 mm---
649370000Silicone Casing7 mm---
649380000Dow Corning Sealant----
6490200003D-LITE Beige300 mm135 mm5 mm-
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